Why Enter

Be Recognized As The Best
Travel Weekly Magellan Award Winners will be highlighted in a special edition of Travel Weekly that includes a section dedicated to our Magellan Award winners. Winning an award means promotion to Travel Weekly readers from all over the world – all of your peers will see your achievement. What better way to show what you have to offer than to have other travel enthusiasts read about you for themselves, providing you with additional credibility. Of course your achievement will be promoted on our website and through press outreach as well.

Honor your Team and Impress your Clients
By entering the competition, you honor the work of your team and show that you believe they are of award-winning caliber. Recognition from the Magellan Awards validates all your hard work and shows that you are outstanding in the eyes of true travel experts. The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards is your opportunity to be honored as the best of the travel industry.

Show Off your Success in Style
The Travel Weekly Magellan Award statuette stands nearly a foot tall and weighs more than 4 1/2 pounds, a representation of travel and movement. The Magellan commemorates your achievement in the style and is an instant conversation piece allowing you the opportunity to highlight your work to others. What better way to show your abilities than with a handsome, world-class award to do your bragging for you, without saying a word?

Earn Recognition from Leading Industry Professionals
The Magellan Awards is judged by a one-of-a-kind panel consisting of top notch travel experts. Being acknowledged as a Magellan Award Winner validates your work by earning the recognition and distinction from some of the biggest and best in the travel industry. Not only will you have the satisfaction of winning, but you will also have the stamp of approval from other leading professionals.