Magellan Awards
2017 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards

Travel Weekly is proud to present the premier award for the travel industry, the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards. From design to marketing to services, the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honors the best in travel and salutes the outstanding travel professionals behind it all. All winners are featured in a special issue of Travel Weekly in September that will feature a special section dedicated to this year’s winners.

You can’t win if you don’t enter.

We have created categories that reflect the different segments of the travel industry including:

%image_alt%Hospitality %image_alt%Travel Destinations %image_alt%Cruise Lines %image_alt%Online Travel Services
%image_alt%Airlines and Airports %image_alt%Travel Agent and Agencies %image_alt%Tour Operators %image_alt%Ground Transportation
As an Entrant, you may provide us materials including pictures and images, video content, print materials, URL’s, and descriptive text to show the judges why you are the best in your industry. Entries are submitted using the Travel Weekly online entry system, a simple and easy process.
Be Recognized by our Judges: The World’s Leading Industry Experts
%image_alt% Patricia Schultz Author: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Peter Greenberg Travel Editor, The Early Show, CBS News %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Johnny Jet Travel Blogger %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Rudy Maxa PBS Host Rudy Maxa's World %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Richard Bangs Executive Producer and Host Richard Bangs' Quests %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Jean-Claude Baumgarten CEO, Crewe Assoc. and former CEO World Travel and Tourism Council %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Rob Kwortnik PhD Professor, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
%image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% John Lampl Sr Airline Executive, British Airways
%image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% John E. “Ned” Walker Former Sr. Vice President & Chief Communications Officer, Delta Airlines, Inc.
%image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Bruce Beckham Former CEO Tourism Cares %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Randy Garfield Former President & Chief Sales Officer Walt Disney Travel Company %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Kathy Misunas Principal Essential Ideas %image_alt% %image_alt%
%image_alt% Colleen Kelly National TV Series Host Recognized Travel Expert %image_alt% %image_alt%


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